Power Buds

Increases amount of buds and accelerates flowering

Power Buds is a biostimulant that increases bud formation and promotes faster flowering. This is because Power Buds contains components that rapidly activate the flowering process. This accelerated activation induces stress in the plant. In response, the plant focuses on reproduction, resulting in the production of more buds.

Dosage and use
Shake well before use. Add 4 ml Power Buds per gallon water (1:1000). Use this nutrient solution from the moment you switch your cultivation from growing to flowering.


Increases bud formation.
Speeds up flowering.


1 L bottle and 5 L, 10 L & 20 L can.
Larger volumes are available upon request.

Can I only use Power Buds when I grow hydroponic?

No, you can also use Power Buds if you choose to grow in soil. However, our test results showed that the product works best when you use a hydrological way of growing.


Can I use Power Buds in combination with Green Sensation and Royal Rush?
Yes, you can. Green Sensation can be used anytime and with any nutrient line, so combine as you desire. Royal Rush, on the other hand, is not suitable for hydrological growing systems in which the same nutrient solution is being used for more than 24 hours. If you use the solution at once, it ís possible to combine all three additives.


What is a biostimulant?
Unlike fertilizers, which feed plants, biostimulants stimulate plant nutrition processes. The sole aim is improving one or more characteristics of the plant, for example nutrient use efficiency. For Power Buds, this means increasing the amount of buds and speeding up the flowering.


What’s in Power Buds
Power Buds is a biostimulant that contains a specialized molecule. This molecule helps your plant to synthesize amino acids. Power Buds does not contain any PGR’s or other harmful substances.




Power Buds is a biostimulant, which unlike a fertilizer, does not directly supply nutrients to the plant. It enhances the plant’s natural processes. Specifically, Power Buds increases the number of buds and accelerates flowering. It contains no hormones or PGRs and is safe for the plant.


Accelerates the transition to flowering

Power Buds contains a special molecule that stimulates various metabolic reactions within the plant. This molecule includes a sulfur-containing amino acid. To absorb it, the plant creates transporters. Once inside the plant, the amino acid is activated and converted into cysteine through various sulfides. Cysteine is a crucial component of the plant’s flowering process.

Plants also produce cysteine naturally, but when you switch your light from 18:6 to 12:12, the production temporarily decreases. This happens as the plant needs time to adjust to the new situation. By adding Power Buds, this temporary reduction in cysteine is bypassed, thus maintaining production.

Cysteine is then converted into various substances including glutathione and methionine. A certain level of glutathione is required to initiate the flowering process. This level is reached more quickly because there is no reduction in cysteine production. The flowering process starts sooner, shortening your cultivation cycle.

Methionine is converted into ethylene, a hormone produced by the plant itself. Ethylene is a safe hormone that suppresses the growth phase of a plant. This results in faster maturation, also contributing to a shorter cycle.


Increases the number of buds

In addition to the above reactions, Power Buds also simulates a stress response. As mentioned before, the production of cysteine usually dips when switching the light from growth to flowering, as the plant adjusts. Power Buds maintains cysteine production, speeding up flowering and shortening the cultivation cycle. The plant isn’t used to continuously producing cysteine, leading to a stress reaction.

This causes the plant to focus on reproduction, or bud formation, which results in a 52%* increase in buds. The stress response is purely hypothetical; there are no deficiencies in the plant.

*Results are based upon experimental data obtained in controlled conditions; results may vary in different conditions; past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.



This isn’t just another addition to your cultivation regime – it’s a strategic growth accelerator. It transcends traditional plant nutrition by targeting the core biological processes of the plant.


Power Buds leverages the plant’s adaptive mechanisms to maintain a steady production of cysteine. This ensures consistent levels even when conditions change, avoiding the usual reduction during critical phases. With Power Buds, you’re not just feeding plants, you’re empowering them to exceed their natural capabilities, ensuring a stress response that significantly multiplies bud formation.

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