Hydro Roots

Increases amount of buds and accelerates flowering

Power Buds is a biostimulant that increases bud formation and promotes faster flowering. This is because Power Buds contains components that rapidly activate the flowering process. This accelerated activation induces stress in the plant. In response, the plant focuses on reproduction, resulting in the production of more buds.

Dosage and use
Shake well before use. Add 4 ml Hydro Roots per gallon water (1:1000). e this solution with every watering until the fourth week of the flowering phase for short cycle plants. Hydro Roots is a mineral fertilizer specially developed for plant roots in a hydroponic system.

NPK: 0-20-0
Boron: 0.023%
Phosphorus: 20.47%

1 L bottle and 5 L, 10 L & 20 L can.
Larger volumes are available upon request.

No clogging in drippers or pumps.
Hydro Roots does not contain any organic elements. Therefore it’s perfectly suitable for growing in hydroponic systems. This also ensures that nutrient solutions are longer stable.

Fast and vigorous root development.
Due to phosphorus root growth is promoted, root length is increased and root cell division as well as root cell enlargement are improved.

Improves nutrient absorption
Boron increases the activity of enzymatic systems which results in better nutrient absorption.

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