Our viewpoint

We strive to be a reliable partner for passionate growers and to help them further the passion they have for plant cultivation. All products we design and produce are created with this idea in mind. Our customers come from a wide range of passionate growers. Some cultivate the most beautiful flowers, some the biggest pumpkins and some the tastiest tomatoes. We are aware that among these passionate growers, there are also some who use our products to grow cannabis for their (personal) enjoyment, for the plant’s medical benefits and for its industrial uses. It is our belief that this industry, the legal cannabis industry, can benefit people across the globe.

On this website you will come in contact with various kinds of content, one type of content being cannabis related. All cannabis related content such as but not limited to: pictures, videos and text is entirely legal and has been created under entirely legal circumstances. Please be aware that cultivating, possessing, using, distributing and/or selling cannabis is a crime in some countries and Bertels B.V. and the brand Plagron will only engage with government licensed, approved cannabis businesses or otherwise legal growers who are in compliance with the local authorities. No advice given or products sold by Bertels B.V. are intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating your local laws and/or growing cannabis illicitly, whatsoever. We distance ourselves from illicit cannabis cultivation. By accepting this disclaimer you confirm that you’re over 18, have no issues with any content on this website and handle in accordance with the above.

We sell our products with the proviso that they will not be used by third parties in violation of applicable local law. Bertels B.V. does not intend to incite to act contrary to the law. We expressly point out that anyone who buys our products is responsible for his or her (future) actions. Bertels B.V. accepts no liability in this regard.