Cocos Premium
Non fertilized

100% Coco Coir

  • Consistent even dry back
  • Even moisture retention
  • Completely buffered
  • Stable pH value
  • Guaranteed low EC value
  • RHP certified
  • Nutrient imbalance proof
  • Not pre-fertilized

Dosage and use

Plagron Cocos Premium is a ready-to-use, soilless growing medium (Packaged Soil Amendment) for potting and re-potting all flowering plants. Start with fertilizing from the first day.
Buffered coco peat, buffered coco fibres.
pH 6.1 – 7.4
EN13037 pH (H2O)
EC  0.09 – 0.14
E.C. (1:1.5) [mS/cm]

50 L bag.
Larger volumes are available upon request.

Should Cocos Premium be rinsed or buffered before use?
No. Cocos Premium has already been rinsed and buffered, in accordance with the highest standards. You can start potting your plants immediately.
When can I start giving nutrition if I grow with Cocos Premium?
You should start watering with a nutrient solution of Cocos A&B from day one.
How do I know if I can re-use my Cocos Premium?
After a bad harvest, you should take into account that part of the nutrition dosed has not been absorbed by the plants. This means that the substrate cannot be re-used. It is best to change the Cocos Premium in any case after six months.


Plagron coco substrates all have a guaranteed maximum EC value of 0.14 uS/cm. Meaning that you will be growing your crops in the purest, best rinsed coco substrate available on the market.


The substrates of the COCO grow style guarantee that you won’t be confronted with rapid fluctuations in pH values, which is a risk in the case of rock wool and other hydroponic substrates. Cocos Premium and Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 work like a sponge. They can retain a lot of water yet remain airy, this makes it much easier for you to optimize your irrigation.



Coco coir, extracted from the husk of coconuts, is a popular substrate for cultivation due to its excellent water retention, airiness and sustainability. However, it’s not without its challenges.


Coco coir naturally contains sodium and potassium salts, which can potentially harm plants by causing nutrient imbalances or toxicity. That’s where washing comes in – to flush out these excessive harmful salts.

But merely washing isn’t enough. Coco coir is also naturally high in negatively charged ions, which can bind with positively charged ions such as calcium and magnesium (vital nutrients for plants). The result? A nutrient lockout, preventing your precious plants from absorbing these essential elements. This is where buffering comes in – a process of pre-treating coco coir with a calcium solution to avoid this nutrient lockout. Unique about all Plagron coconut substrates, is that they are more buffered than comparable products on the market.



The high quality of the Plagron coconut substrates is confirmed by the RHP quality mark. The RHP quality mark guarantees the correct quality requirements and sustainable origin of the substrate.


Cocos Premium has excellent water retention and is free of sand, weeds and pathogens. This means that Plagron coconut substrates are clean and pure, and you can use them safely without risk to your grow. Unique about all Plagron coconut substrates, is that they are more buffered than comparable products. Unwanted salts have been flushed out during the several buffering steps. This guarantees that the nutrients in Cocos A & B can be absorbed under optimum conditions.

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