Clean products with the RHP and CU certification

We value quality. Because it’s easy to say this, we like to actually provide proof of this as well. That’s why many of our products are certified in some way. We work with different certifications to measure our quality standard.

RHP certification

Since 1963, RHP has been the European knowledge center for substrates. With their own RHP quality mark, RHP guarantees clean, safe and qualitative products. If you use a RHP-certified quality mark, you care for an optimal start of your grow. Because with substrates with the RHP-quality mark, you are always assured of a certain quality.

What do we mean by quality in this case?

Think of degree of water absorption, air content, pH- and EC-value and present nutrients. Besides, with RHP certified substrates you have more certainty that your substrate is clean and can be applied safely, without risks for your grow. The RHP quality mark analyzes the complete route a substrate travels for you, from raw material to processing to delivery of the final product.

CU certification

Organic farming is a trend that is gaining popularity in society nowadays. Organic farming involves cultivation that respects the natural life cycle and minimizes human impact on the environment. The Control Union Certifications foundation (part of the Control Union World Group) monitors on a global scale whether products may be classified as organic.

What does CU-certified stand for?  

A product certified by Control Union Certifications, doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In genetically modified crops, the crop’s DNA has been modified, using genes with positive properties from for example bacteria or plants. This can give plants special properties. Think of potatoes that are resistant to the potato disease phytophthora, tomatoes that have a longer shelf life, and corn that is more resistant to caterpillar pests. The Control Union Certifications Foundation inspects and certifies the entire chain of a product. When they determine that all requirements have been met, and thus no GMOs have been used, they issue the CU certificate. This guarantees that the product you’re eventually holding is organic.

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