Terra Grow and Terra Bloom: even better in 2023! 

Our Terra Grow and Terra Bloom are ready for the future! We’ve updated their recipe based on new insights from our R&D department. With this new version, your plants will show even better results!

Empowering you is our main goal, which is why we’re constantly looking to improve our products and service. That’s why from now on, we’re adding the trace elements in Terra Grow and Bloom in chelated form. There’s a number of advantages to this. Firstly, chelated elements are better absorbable by your plants. They’re also less dependent on the pH value, so growing becomes easier for you. Finally, chelates are very mobile within plants. This means deficiencies are less likely to occur, since nutrients will reach affected areas quicker. 

Another thing we’ve changed is the ratio of trace elements. Based on theoretical and practical research, we’ve updated the exact composition of Terra Grow and Terra Bloom to help prevent deficiencies and to optimize photosynthesis. 

You can find the new version of Terra Grow and Bloom online and in your local shop right now. Still got an open bottle? Don’t worry, it also gets the job done just fine! 

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